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Stay on top of your bookkeeeping automatically with Xero and ONTRAPORT

Connect ONTRAPORT to XERO and automatically create paid invoices ready to be reconciled

  • When you first connect XOSync can import a selection of historical transactions from ONTRAPORT
  • Products, Coupons, Tax and Shipping can all be matched to custom accounts in XERO
  • XOSync takes 10 minutes to setup
  • We use a secure connection to keep your data safe
  • All transactions and paying contacts will be synced between ONTRAPORT and XERO


When building your digital marketing and sales efforts, it’s natural to start with the various pieces of the puzzle — an email system, a CRM database, a landing page builder, and so on. But that quickly creates a fragmented experience for your customers and makes it impossible for you to see the whole picture of your business.

With ONTRAPORT, all those tools and your customer data is in one, unified system that works together seamlessly and automatically, so you can dynamically personalize your customers’ journeys and have the insights you need to grow and scale.

Learn more about ONTRAPORT here

Demo: ONTRAPORT in action

What is your next step?

Try the XOSync integration for 30 days for only $1. Sign up using the button here.

It takes only 10 minutes to setup and you will be able to test up to 20 transactions before upgrading to the monthly plan.