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Connect ONTRAPORT to XERO and automatically create paid invoices ready to be reconciled

  • XOSync takes 10 minutes to setup
  • We use a secure connection to keep your data safe
  • All transactions and paying contacts will be synced between ONTRAPORT and XERO
  • When you first connect XOSync can import a selection of historical transactions from ONTRAPORT
  • Products, Coupons, Tax and Shipping can all be matched to custom accounts in XERO
How does it work?

XOSync is an integration that creates all of your customer invoices in Xero based on the transactions that occur in your ONTRAPORT account.

every 5 minutes the XOSync system will check your ONTRAPORT account for new transactions. If any are found they will be added to a queue to be processed based on your settings.

Your settings will take about 10 minutes to complete and our simple 10 step wizard will guide you through the entire process.

How much does it cost?

Try XOSync out for $1 and you will be able to use it for 30 days. 

How does this integration handle taxes?

All line items from transactions in ONTRAPORT that have taxes collected have prices that are tax exclusive. If you collect any tax in an ONTRAPORT transaction we will also treat you line items as tax exclusive.  

There is a section in XOSync where you can match any taxes you collect in ONTRAPORT with a tax code you have in Xero.

If you don’t use ONTRAPORT’s tax options but need to report in Xero that your line items are tax inclusive, then we have a setting for that too. It is called ‘tax exceptions’ and you can create rules with filters to collect certain taxes for a particular contact.

What about ONTRAPORT Coupons?

XOSync has a matching tool for All ONTRAPORT Coupons. This allows you to individually track discount for any coupon. 

There is also a default account setting for Coupons if you just want all amounts that are discounted tracked to a single sales account.

How does the integration handle Shipping?

If you collect any shipping in an ONTRAPORT transaction this will be added as its very own line item.

Each shipping item you create in ONTRAPORT can be matched to be tracked against a particular accounting code. There is also a default account code if you don’t want to match them individually.

How do my invoices get reconciled?

Each time a new transaction is synced from ONTRAPORT to Xero there will be a new Invoice created. The payment will be logged against the invoice to the correct account based on the Gateway used in the transaction. Then all you or your bookkeeper will need to do is tick the green button to reconcile when the bank feed line that matches the transaction date and amount comes into Xero.

What if I use multiple currencies in ONTRAPORT

No problem at all! We have created this integration with that in mind. In the setting up of your integration between ONTRAPORT and Xero you are able to map each one of your Gateways in ONTRAPORT to a particular:

  1. Branding Theme
  2. Currency
  3. Payment Account

This makes sure that every transaction that comes into Xero is in the correct currency with the right styling of the invoice and with the payment coming to the correct bank feed.

Do you need to login to my Xero account?

You don’t need to give us any access to a Xero login because we can safely do all the syncing via the Xero API.


10 Minutes to Setup

Complete 10 simple steos in the XOSync Wizard to connect your ONTRAPORT and XERO accounts.


Set it up and forget. 


Safe and Secure

We use the official XERO and ONTRAPORT API and your data is passed using our SSL.

What is your next step?

Try the XOSync integration for 30 days for only $1. Sign up using the button here.

It takes only 10 minutes to setup and you will be able to test up to 20 transactions before upgrading to the monhtly plan.